GRIS1 x APLE76 x IZZY – Homeboys collection for Lectrics

Homeboys is the name of a new t-shirts collection Lectrics bring out. For this new serie, I wanted to do it with very closed friends. Aple76 and Gris1 are two of those. Each of us have tried to combined the Lectrics flavor and our own universe on the visual. We hope you like the result. The t-shirts are printed on high quality shirts (Russel Athletics at 220g/m2) and in a very limited quantity, as always. So, don’t wait for ordering. Oh… and it’s free shipping guys!

To present us we did a short film that you can watch below.We doesn’t want to do a boring legal wall video so we add a few words at the occasion of a discussion we had together.

Many thanks to Julien & Nico for their good job on the video. Thanks also to Supadope for the nice t-shirts pictures.


Front: writer visual
Back: custom Lectrics logo
Size: M – L – XL
T-Shirt brand: Russel Athletics
Weight: 220g/m2
Color: White


GRIS1 – Homeboys collection – Choose your size


APLE76 – Homeboys collection – Choose your size


IZZY- Homeboys collection – Choose your size

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