Graffiti Train Lyon tumblr

Graffiti Train Lyon is a tumblr that present the Lyon train activity by an author that seems to be not a writer but someone that have interest on painted train. He start his blog in februrary with a nice text that I paste below.

The Playground

Eleven tracks. Eleven letters, from A to K. Eleven art gallerys where masterpieces stopby during 20 minutes tops. Eleven ways to tell us those nights made of risks, sketches, chases, outlines, spray paint, tachycardia, caps, and the ballast, always too noisy under the steps.

I don’t play at night. In the morning, I take the train. One day, I decided to take a picture of the train. I wanted to keep memories of this frame painted during the night. Sometimes I could almost feel the Montana paint. She seemed still thrilled by her fast and cold exit through the cap.

I had the luck of being here. The right place, the right time. Thanks to my smartphone, I became a privileged witness of those masterpieces invading the train station. I’ve created this tumblr to show you those pictures.

You won’t find any blabla about graffiti in here, no glorification of this art, only the raw pictures, stolen one year ago, and your commentaries.

I don’t want to impel people, I also don’t want to dissuade them from writing. I just wanna share with you.


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