Fuzi interview – The brutal tatoo artist

Mega Laser magazine wanted to know more about the ingnorant styler, Fuzi. They interviewed him about his activities in writing but mostly in tatoo. Fuzi tell us about his influences and how he sees his job as a tatoo artist.


FUZI UVTPK – The brutal tattoo artist
If you watched the news in France during the late 90’s, surely you heard about the UV-TPK because of their graffiti and their violence. If you haven’t Рbad luck for you. The guy who likes big butt chicks with huge tits and doesn’t really like to loose at brawl will talk to us about his tattoos.

Fuzi aka Ignorant Stan, we know you to have traumatised the Parisian railway system during the 90’s with your crew the uv-tpk, can you tell us about an average day for you guys, back in the day?
– Okay let’s say that the first part of the day was kind of a work. In small gangs we painted a train or a subway in the morning, then went off to steal food, clothes, paint, etc. In the rush hour traffic of the afternoon, we’d take some flicks of the hit we had done in the morning. During the evening a big part of the crew began to hang out, smoke spliffs, drink, stroll and tag everywhere. We were free, without any constraints, Paris was ours and it was an adventure everyday. Yeah, and watch out, if you crossed our way! At the end of the day it was then time to go back to our beloved ghetto on the last train which we never forgot to destroy. Yeah, it was kind of hard work in those days!

And now, ten years after the beloved ghetto, what’s up?
– Well life caught up and the illusions are gone. Some of the old crew still paint subways, some hang canvases in exhibitions and others smoke spliffs. Personally I try to tame the wild animal within me and try to transfer the energy, which used to push me to do crazy things in the past, into my paintings, my tattoos or my poetry. I have no career plan, everything has happened naturally, I’m like a laborer and my miserable salary is the key to my liberty to be free in my art.

How did you start doing tattoos and where did you learn?
– The tattoo is part of my street culture and in the crew it was KISS who tattooed us. It happened in the middle of a hotel room full of ten guys smoking and drinking beer or sitting on his toilet seat. I like tattoos which have a story, a soul, I don’t give a shit if it’s perfect or not and I don’t want a photo-copy on the arm made by an art school guy! A prison tattoo or an image made with only a needle in the garage of a stranger will have much more beauty for me. At that time all I was thinking about was graffiti and I never thought that I would be tattooing one day, but after I slowed down with graff I started to learn how to tattoo by myself. I first bought a chinese machine on the internet and started to ink my legs and arms and legs of my friends. My friends wanted subways, trains and spray cans. They wouldn’t ask for these images from a rock dude with a ponytail who has no graff culture. It’s about the need to have a dirty tattoo made by a real guy and not the contrary. Then I can really get into it, sketching a lot mixing the old school tattoo with my ignorant graffiti style.

Black and white with a thin needle?
– More impact. It’s like a throw-up on a train, it’s only one line, you can’t cheat, you must have style. The thin needle is like an originial cap.

How do you work and what about the the hygiene, who are your clients?
– People contact me via mail. I live in Perpignan and that’s where I tattoo, on my kitchen table or in the guest room of my mother’s place. I only tattoo my own style. No tribal with me, only original Fuzi artwork. People come from all over Europe and they pass by before going onto Barcelona. Cheers for the interrail tickets! My needles are sterilised and for single use only. I don’t envy the regular studios, it’s them who envy me!

Read the full interview here

info via Fuzi blog

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