Futura 2000 – Orange Mechanique interview

Keo from TC5 meet Futura a few days before and write some words about is meeting.  FUTURA

“Leonard ‚ÄúFutura‚Äù McGurr picks us up at the AKANYC studio in Soho. He‚Äôs punctual, smiling and seems genuinely happy to see us. It‚Äôs Me, Julio, and Allen AKA loaded down with camera equipment, piling into Lenny‚Äôs luxurious Bavarian ride. Pounds and greetings are exchanged and we‚Äôre Brooklyn bound. At the entrance to the bridge Lenny finds an opening and lets the black BMW 335xi do what it was born to do”

more about Futura Orange Mechanic after the jump 



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