Fume MSN Föns – Roman story

Fume from Dortmund write a nice text on XXRoma20 about his first time in Roma and how he paint the Roman subways in the 90′s.

 It was so damn long ago. 1994. Hell man, where did the time go? Where did the days go when I was travelling around using the so-called interrail ticket for international damage? Well, there is no room for too many nostalgic thoughts here. Facts are the thing, what the kids of today need to know.
Me the man called Fume moved around in 1994. It was the time when still not all the playgrounds were overrun by idiotic toys without respect. It was the time when the steel-trains in Germany had their best days already behind them and Amsterdam was more or less history in the books of Graff. Of course the urge to kill trains stayed within the real true writers and they, me included, were searching for places with a bit more fun than grey weather and unnecessary investigation by the police that didn´t really make your day. Gasp from Amsterdam called me one day and said that some New Yorker didn´t have the time to go to a jam in Rimini, Italy. Well, as I said being tired of the same routine every day I jumped on the train and went with him to Rimini instead of that NYC guy. It was our luck that Rimini was the last stop, because otherwise we would have missed it, after getting drunk on the train and sleeping into the day afterwards. The sun of Italy welcomed us and we had a day with a wonderful sunny hangover. When we arrived at the venue, we kept on drinking, but, hey, we painted, too. Actually we did some funky mural with a lot of other toys like Delta, Kraze, Sander, Mode2, Sharp, Shoe and whoever was in between, if there was one. I was so damn overwhelmed by the good vibes, that I started tagging on girls, not knowing that even in Italy this wasn´t really something the boyfriends liked to see. Somehow I tagged some Roman girls. The good thing was, the roman boyfriends weren´t that mafia like, they even laughed at me the white boy from the north. Stand said it wasn´t really a smart thing to do and joined for a beer. Everybody was drinking, smoking weed and painting. Just call it a good time. I thought it was the best time of my life, but what did I know. I didn´t know that girls weren´t the only moving thing I would bomb during my stay in Italy.

Just like I said before, I had a train ticket in my pocket and nowhere to go, Stand asked me to come over to Rome to hit a few subways. Luckily I wasn´t too drunk to remember that invitation the other day and made my way to the capital of Italy aka the paradise of graff.
The evening I arrived the Romans asked me to jump on their scooters and grab my bag of paint before and go ahead. It was like a rush. The Romans showed me how much fun graffiti could be. Driving with the scooters up to the trains throwing the empty cans around was just one part. They were laughing at me already before when I was removing fingerprints from the cans and taking gloves and a mask with me. They even told me that I could get shot for wearing that mask. Well, I don´t have to mention I wasn´t wearing it that night. I don´t know how many pieces we did that first night, but it was great, driving around on scooters from one spot to another, not thinking of something like getting chased. We painted, that was it! We bombed the hell out of these wonderful cars.
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