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Ogre is a writer from Lyon. 15 years after his start, this guy still developing is own style. We wanted to know more about him and about his way of writing.   


LECTRICS: Ogre, sorry for this first boring question but could you please introduce you ?
OGRE: Hello Guys. I am Ogre aka Ogreoner on the internet, born in 79. I do graffiti since 15 years now.I represent different crew from France and Spain. Pornostars, Qmj, Lbn, Lcf and Greetings Crew.

LECTRICS: Let’s directly talk about style! You never sketch, you never take any sketch with you and you still have always new letters form and connexion between your letters . I got the feeling you are fully not thinking when you write your first line. How do you do this ?
OGRE: Ahaha.In fact, I think a lot. I don’t bring sketches on the wall because I consider the wall as big piece of paper. Spraycan is a tool that gives you the possibility to erase constantly your wrong mooves. I doodle on paper when I am bored or at home to find new shapes, new letters, and I think I should do it more often. I think all the lines but I try to throw them spontaneously to protect the flow, the swing of them. I follow the logic of the letters, at least the way I think they should be articulated.


LECTRICS: Always 3-4 colors for the fill-in. Most of the time black outlines. You are not thinking too much on your combo colors, right ?
OGRE: Yes and no. I think of my colours most of the time but I keep a dark base for outlines. White outline makes dust and I hate to recut. Coloured outlines can be cool but my style works better with a big contrast that works mainly with dark outlines. I use black but also a full range of cutcolors like nighred, prussianblue etc… I was before more agile with loads of colours, and I used to do so but then I felt I was hiding my letters with them, that they were weak but with too much effects. So I reduced my colourscheme to try to stick to them.
Colours is something I work on again I must admit when I see guys like Rime, Roid or Gris (crazy !) working on the illnest combos…

LECTRICS: You don’t spend time on your background. Are the letters, for you, the only important thing on your pieces ?
OGRE: I have no ideas about background and I think that if they are too worked you can loose the power of the letters. Yes the letter is the thing the eye has to focus on. I really like detailled backgrounds from the GFA or MSK do but I like the way the TWS think about their walls : some bubbles, solid letters and crazy jungle, water or perspective landscapes have nothing to do there. Like said Lek and Yko : « Nothing but letters ».

LECTRICS: You paint sometimes nice cartoon characters, but not that much. Is it something that you want to improve in the future?
OGRE: I started graffiti with characters, I invented them. I was fed up that everyone was allways asking me to paint characters and I thought my letters were really bad. After a trip to Germany, where I was smashed by Boe (Viagrafik) murals, I decided to focus on letters. I thought funny to paint some cartoons, but it was just thinking about Bates pieces. People like to see characters on the walls. But I think they are not important. After having been painting next to guys like Logan or Dibo, I don’t feel comfortable to paint characters in general hahaha.


LECTRICS: You develop your own style since you are painting and it’s like you are not really influenced by the other styles. Do you agree with this ?
OGRE: I often feel inspired by some other writers. I often ask to some friends if this piece is not too much like this or that guy. They mainly reply NO. So it means I am a bad imitator ! But I never really feel comfortable with what I do. I am influenced by guys like Aroe, Roid, Dems, Rime…
If people don’t notice it, better for me. The people I meet and paint with allways have a certain influence on me. I like pretty diverses styles so I think I still remain on my line but with some little details where you can notice I saw the work of one or another.

LECTRICS: Ogre is your official name but you often write name of friends as a dedication. Does it mean that you like to change the letters you write ?
OGRE: Yes, i am bored with my letters, my G killing me.The O is boring. So yes I paint styles with their names and they do too. We both sides do it as a common desire comes to do so. It’s allways great to see a version of your letters you would never think about. Drawing other letters offers you a new field of research about them. I had to draw once the full alphabet, it was a huge brainstorming !

LECTRICS: You write a few “Boss” pieces this last weeks. What‚Äôs the idea behind this name ?
OGRE: When you sit at any bus station you allways see kid graffitis like « I am the boss », « 69002 the chiefs », « Lyon rocks » or things like that. It’s so bad taste that I decided to paint the name « Boss » thinking about this.It came also from a Snoop Dogg song : Pay the cost to the boss. As I said before I am really tired of OGRE so I do this other name just for the fun and also because I love S and B letter. People will take it seriously when it’s just a fucking big joke !


LECTRICS: When I ask you to do this interview. You tell me “no bullshit, no limit ‚Ķask the questions you want”. Let me ask you something‚Ķ So, I got the feeling you are friend with the wall European graffiti scene. You are published in so many magazines. Why do you need to be connected with so many writers, cities ?
OGRE: Well. First of all, let’s speak the correct way. It’s not a NEED, it’s the way I am. Some a closed on themselves, some are opened. What’s the problem with this ? I am a person who doesn’t feel or didn’t felt attached to any place. My personal life made me someone who was looking somewhere else for happyness. I moved from Lyon to Strasbourg, then to Spain then came back. I went to Germany a lot and went to jams where I got to know different classes of writers. I got known there and met also Pornostars. Dems made me invited to lots of jams in Spain. Then I got an italian girl, I got known in Milano because she was from here…
I like to travel because of the freedom it brings, I won’t let this freedom escape. I don’t know all the european scene, but I got to know a lot of people and people to know me. I am also pretty openminded, I can paint with a good writer and the next day with a beginner. I don’t care as long as I am having a nice moment with the others. When I was younger, I went to the olders of my town, some respected me, some thought I was stupid to do so. I did the same away of my town and made great friendships in France, then abroad. I guess that if I am published it’s because my stuff is not too ugly ? I don’t care, I will end in my shelf and make me proud of myself for a while…

LECTRICS: You have a crew: the Greetings. Please tell us about the members and about this friendship.
OGRE: Greetings is crew born in Marseille. Lime, Peak and Jaw founded it. I was meeting them a lot and told them I wanted to represent them as they are really cool dudes! They proposed me to enter in the crew. We remained 4 during a good while. I met Gomer some years ago now and we directly had a nice feeling. He’s like the small brother I never had…even if he teache me more than I do ahahah! He secondly met Lime(Gris) and we were allways all together. It came to me I wanted to have a crew with him and proposed Lime to make him a new member. The others said yes. Lime on his side proposed to Onicks and BomK to join too. Nice painters, nice people… So here we are! GREETINGS CREW reloaded!

LECTRICS: You are currently working for magazines and different project in the graffiti branch. Please tell us a little bit more ?
OGRE: I organise a graffiti jam every year next to my town. This year we already have Musa,Monster,Storm,Gris as confirmed artists. I guess there will be a full report about it on your blog ehehehehe (Lectrics: The Jam based in Saint Etienne is calling Frestival des Potos Carr?©s and here is the report of last year). I also work for Innercity magasine since more than two years‚Ķ I select the main interview and collect for the mixed pages, trying to bring the freshest stuff of the moment. Last but not least‚Ķ I collab with MTNMTN sometimes, they are my family and i am linked to them since 2004‚Ķ.132_1292L

LECTRICS: Innercity is one of the French magazine that still sale in kiosk. As a coworker for a magazine, do you frankly think that Internet killed the paper magazines?
OGRE: Internet offers the full range of graffiti to you. But the paper has a kind of magic. I think it’s more a pleasure to watch it on paper than on a screen, then you can collect the magasine and have a memory of the graffiti, an archieve.
The only problem of the paper is that the guy working in the mag will have a certain taste, or a certain line to follow, that won’t maybe please everyone… Internet offers you all!

LECTRICS: You travel a lot around Europe. What is the last best travel you have done?
OGRE: There’s no best trip for me. Maybe my trip to Sevilla in 2004. I met Logan this time and I got to learn and live with a true king. My trips to Elche that I miss too. Another one is to go to Brighton and chill with Aroe’s kids and himself. Graffiti is something but the souvenirs with the people I got the chance to meet are unforgettable to me. Those three are history.

LECTRICS: Now we know more about you and your style. I will tell you keywords and you will answer with what comes first to your mind.

EXHIBITION…meeting friends.
STYLE… I wish I had more!
ARROW… Everyone should have his own.
TRUE FRIEND… I know who they are and I am proud to have them.
FAME…doesn’t fill the bank account. Everyone is famous thanks to internet.
MUSIC… makes me creative.
CITY… Lyon, my home that I searched since a long time.

LECTRICS: Last words ?
OGRE: Thank you to pay attention to my style and to having me as your guest. WORD.

To conclude this interview a new video of Ogre & Roid we published yesterday.

OGRE / ROID from Stephanie Mella / SepK on Vimeo.

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