Focus on Dead- Interview and flix gallery

Dead, the guy from Liege take time for us and answer to a few questions. Enjoy the  interview, flix

and his new rap video.


Lectrics: Dead, could you please introduce you and let us know how you started graffiti ?

Dead: I am DEAD from Belgium. One day i was blinded by a bright light like the one people talk about when they encounter a near-death experience. I came from Zaire and i’ve landed in Gand, Belgium when i was kid, I have never been told about that “Graffiti Thing” and i discover that writting on walls can canalized my young thuggish attitude a little bit and elevate me from just being mean. People like Phase, Coder…inspired me a lot at the beginning for those who know the old school belgium graffiti scene. Like everybody my bible was SprayCan Art first, then Paris Toncar. Later i came across the work of Sozyone, Byz, Jaba, Recto (they’re all Belgians), they connect me to some other guys from Paris, Pro, Turs, Dize…. the GT’s. It’s a kind of magic to paint with my first infuencial pairs.
And all i tell you right now was before the “internet thing”, so it was way more valuable if you know what i mean. Now i’m with the strongest teams for what i want to do, my people, we connected. The rest will be History!


Lectrics: Your name seems to be not only a name but also a concept. True ?
Dead: Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas (Vanity of vanities,everything is vanity)
What can represent more Vanity than Mr. Death himself aka DEAD.
Human life is nothing facing Time especialy if you count that on cosmic universal dimension we’re just star dust and becoming star dust with no other choice. It’s just a question of time, we dont know when but we’re all already dead for sure.
My name’s DEAD cause i’m the prince of a cultural-less city, my desert, my home : DEAD CITY.


Lectrics: When we have a look on you pieces these last 10 years, we see a constant evolution on your style. You are always searching for new letters and effects. Is the style evolution the key of your longevity in the graffiti game ?

Dead: Fist of all thanks for watching
The key to my longevity is probably the fact that i really cant do the same thing twice, i must evolve or try new things each time. I think i have a few differents styles that i try to push beyond their frontiers, but sometime i must return from scratch to evolve one more time. It matters of time, Style need Time, so i continue again & again…till i’m DEAD!

Lectrics: How do you define your actual style?

Dead: galactic bionic organic intemporal travelin trough dimensions

Lectrics: You’re painting also big productions with enormous skulls or representation of death. It seems that you take even more time for illustrations and characters next to your pieces. Do you want to develop this part of your art ?
Dead: I’m painting some contemporary vanities, nothing more. It’s just the prelude of my quest in that art form. Even if they were “still lifes” in reality, vanities can be represented totally differently, with a futuristic abstract touch.
I was doing “letters” for more than 10 years and now i need to push things up and make characteres & illustrations. I will never let down “letters” but i’m trying to climb the next step to acomplish my art.



Lectrics: Please tell us about this “StainGlass art” experience ?
Dead: This is part of the “next step”, i’ve already developed the stainglass style in graffiti, and it was the logical following to experience it on it’s original support, the real stainglass, so i found a Master Stain glass with who i learn that art. I think it can be a first chance for me to enter the Galleries with something original. But i talk to much, they’re too many thieves around my church.

Lectrics: You are also drawing a lot. Is the sketching an important part of your work ?

¬†Dead: Maaaaan i love sketching…even more than painting i think. It’s an art as itself, look at the famous inkmen for comics, they’re good! I’m doing this in that way,beyond just a sketch for the next piece, like a real art-form

   Lectrics: These last days we follow a video of Sozy, Dems and you on Lectrics. It seems that you have productive holidays in Belgium and Spain ?

Dead: I was on SantaMagnetica Island with my UB partners Sozy & Dems, 2 weeks of intensive productions. I’m just back to achieve my first Rap Video.(watch this video on the end of this interview)


Lectrics: You make some canvas for the exhibition “TAG” in Paris. Everybody told about this event…lot of people says that it was only a boring exhibition organized by a rich architect with bad intention. Some others say that it was a big step forward for the credibility of the graffiti as an art.  What is your position regarding this event?

Dead: I dont have a point on that. it dont interest me, for my part every exhibition i appeared in, i show some researches, nothing more, my art is not really born, it takes time. My opinion is that people pretend to be artists way too sooner, and their art is not already on point. It’s kind of a big big mess with good things and awfull shit all mixed up and digest by unwakening public…That’s my humble opinion. Graffiti is the term for illegal painting, in a gallery it’s just “painting”, “sculpture” or “illustrations”, so a Graffiti exhibition is sort of a non-sense. Lascaux Caves Graffitis cant be in a gallery.


Lectrics: You’re not only a writer, but also a rapper. You are right preparing your street album. What will be the content of this album (style, production, featuring…) ?
What is the street date ?

Dead: The project name’s DEAD STREET, it’s something just for the web, my introduction to this durty game. I’m trying to expose the world my vision of life throught my bionic eyes with street venom and galactic poetry. I’ve worked with producers¬† zoning around me, like Chaze, Gallegos, GrimyKid from the GT Camp, Soper Digithugz, but also great Belgian beat makers: Smimooz, Grazzhoppa from RAB’s and my BADNEWZ Associates : Valium4000 & Santo.
I Got some of my peeps on there, rapping : Profecy, Sozy, Cribs, Nader.. It’ll come anytime sooner.

Lectrics: Do you have a distribution deal and do you plan to distribute this album outside of Belgium ?

No deal, no distribution, i do this passion, nothing to cash in. I’m only sketching it right now, then i will check the colors, find a nice wall, do it, take a picture, find a media to show it…modern way.



















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