Focus on Bez85 aka Icon -20 flix and words


Just wanted to make a focus on an old pure stylewriter of 45 years old that still continu to put creativity and take risks since the beginning. Better than make an interview I asked to Bez85 if he can write some words about him and his way to do graffiti. Here it is. Bez85 for real!


Greek\Dutch ,45 years old maniac seeker for style knowledge nonstop since 1985 after 26 years still hungry and able .

I started the style scene in Athens Greece in 1991,meeting kids back then that are style kings now big up to ma DFP brothers..with the dutch scene i have nothing maybe 10 guys are cool rest is playing that hardcore train wackkie Euro shit stillohzzz….

Style is letters ,,letters where born in¬† the New York subways period“Dondi is the style icon“…

The root of all good styles”,, basic skeletons on witch Garff haz to be build on.

Colors, back grounds ,characters,all  funny but without a good flavor your a nothing.

Tricks, 3de bullshit styles…modern street shit stickers ,all that artie fuck nowadays,,, like Doze tells in Style wars all fancy fagot shit.

I am not in it to art!!!!,,,, i am in it to rock Graff letters period.
.People think i am too hard to radical well thats how i feel¬† about style…look at how and nozm destroyed the good staste of Bio and Nicer back in New York bad influences…

After the New York stopped doing good styles ,then Berlin picked up the glove of style lettering  and made styles better then before..Berlin is now the style mecca!!

Whats left to say,, i hope old and new school writers will forever stay developing style letters not looking at quantity but at quality.

Search and you will find the style treasure chest is still full with magic bits, arrows, connections, barz, flows …………….

Big up to France….

Bezzie Bez…

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