Erol43 UV book

Erol 43 from UV TPK crew released a book called Witness vs Actor. It’s 194 full color pages book that seems to be the same as what he post on his blog since 3 years now.

Check his blog here

You can order on The Grifters  or Erol43 web.

I’m 33, French, living in Brussels.
I was born in Martinique.
I lived in Senegal, France and Belgium.
I grew up amidst thugs, artists, drug dealers, nerds…
I’m more close to the Parisian graffiti’ way of life.
I traveled a lot, especially in cities, for painting.
I met people, nice ones, angry ones, lost ones.
I fell into different strange atmospheres.
I had fun each times, but sometimes, the situation was borderline.
I take pictures with all kind of cameras but primarily with cell phones, to remember myself, places, faces.
This book reveals some of my points of view.
Intro of the book by EROL 43, member of the Infamous Parisian crews UV TPK.


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