Enemies Comic book by Jaba and Sozy

The Ultra Boys Jaba and Sozy start a new project that consist of a 16 chapters comic book called Enemies. This new idea is produce by Vince Argentine from California, specialist of 3D characters and animation. It seems to be pretty serious! The trailer tell about a 11/12/13 release date. If you want more info or if you want to help and back this project, you can check their kickstarter page here.

Check below two videos. The first one is the trailer of the book and the second a presentation of the project with interview of the three protagonists.


The Synopsis of the comic book:

Caught in the busy streets of Tokyo, Kimiko, Dustin and Jules are on a mission: to paint one of the most prominent buildings in Shibuya. Kimiko is a famous international artist, Dustin is a photographer from The RedSun Times while Jules is simply in love with Kimiko and will do anything to be close to her.

Without any rational explanation, the three were captured by an intense light from the night sky, only to find themselves trapped in Hantunopolis, the sole city on Planet Queen, the sixth planet of the Ort solar system.

On this planet reigns a global dictatorship governed with an iron fist by the Grand Vorzon, a terrifying and unscrupulous creature who holds the secret of immortality, an alchemy which calls for the extinction of the Vorris. Known for their gigantic height and Herculean strength, the Vorris are forced into labor by the Grand Vorzon and his Diktat. They are astonishingly gentle creatures who coexist peacefully with the Råds, second species on Planet Queen, who are smaller, lighter and faster than the Vorris. Both species are part of the Animachloroticavertibulis kingdom (animated carnivorous vertebrate intelligent plants).

The Planet Queen is an Orichalcumfield, a precious metal found in its depths, one that is extremely rare and highly coveted by The 64 United Galaxies Kontinuum (The Kogauni) for its inter-dimensional properties. The Grand Vorzon was elected by The Cosmic Equation to exploit and manage the Red Orichalcumfield extraction. In light of the dictator’s oppression, The Kogauni has closed its eyes, with impunity, to terror and the abolition of writing on the planet for over three centuries. The dictator has other plans; he longs for immortality and the power to rejuvenate himself.

All Vorris have a seed-heart, which upon death becomes the most majestic tree in the Universe: the Trom. The sap of the Trom, known as the Naleter, is “The Vigour of Youth” and  the Grand Vorzon will use a ruse, pushing the Vorris to their limits and leaving them to die. However, his impatience, his greed and his unquenchable thirst will lead him to defy inter-galactic laws.

For millenia, the Human race has been considered the most dangerous virus in the Universe.Thousands of failed interventions have been led by the Kogauni to change the destructive mentality and nature of Man, and so remains the only species excluded from The Cosmic Equation.

The Grand Vorzon decides to use multi-scalar technology to place three Humans upon Planet Queen and by doing so, he believes they will contaminate and exterminate the Vorris. A noxious and deadly plan that will make Kimiko, Dustin and Jules team up with Shør, the only rebellious Vorri against the system in Hantunopolis. Together they will try to free Vorris and Råds from the Grand Vorzon’s obsession and above all, reinstall Cosmic Equilibrium by going back to Earth.

The only hope for the Vorris’ survival… Is to annihilate the virus: Mankind


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