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This site represents Dondi White’s life through his art. It contains images of his work on trains and images from his sketch books and black books. His blueprint collages, paintings, and drawings are also displayed. Included in this site are photographs by Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant and Ricky Powell.

Dondi was respectfully referred to as the “Style Master General” by fellow writers. His graffiti aliases included BUS 129, Mr. White, PRE, POSE, ROLL, 2 MANY, and ASIA.  In the late 1970’s, White was a member of the exclusive Brooklyn graffiti crew The Odd Partners, known as TOP. Later, White founded his own crew, Crazy Insides Artists, or CIA, in 1978.  In the 80’s di became associated with The Soul Artists, or SA, a group ofgraffitists who were working legitimately in the art world.  It was at this point that Dondi created his first large-scale canvases at Esses Studio with spray paint. In the mid to late 80’s, Dondi began to work in colage. He worked mainly with blueprints and combined exacting pencil and ink drawings to create a series of highly technical pieces. His work is exhibited domestically and internationally.


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Dondi White on Train from Simplytaty Designs on Vimeo.

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