Dash167 Flickr opening

Dash creat his account on flickr, here is the first piece he add.A wall painted in Miami with Secret.I think, you can already bookmark the link!


A few word of Dash:

We painted this wall this past December in Miami, Fl as part of Art Basel’s Primary Flight project. This spot is prime real estate as the wall is a block long and faces I-95 just after a highway interchange that traps millions of commuters in daily morning and evening gridlock. I first painted here in 2003, when Altoids sponsored an artist collabo project, that piece ran until 2008.

This year I knew I was getting the same spot back and I planned to use the same approach, paint a bold, legible piece that could be easily read from the highway. ZAME got caught up with work at the last minute so I decided I was going to hog the whole space with a Top-To-Bottom DASHISM piece. I changed my mind when my cousin SECRET said that he was down to rock with me, that was an offer I couldn’t refuse, as we hadn’t painted together since 1988.

Due to the location of the wall, we already knew we were going to use a simpler lettering style for maximum name recognition, but as we pulled up to the spot, we saw some of the pieces that other writers were working on. The gag reflex was in full effect, and we knew we had to do something for the cause. For the purpose of their education, we decided to go even simpler still, soft-edged straight letters, with minimal colors. The Rustoleum concept brought it all together and distinguished our production from the rest of the wall.

The moral of the story is threefold…
1 – Sometimes the spot should dictate what you paint on it.
2 РA fresh “Straight Letter” beats a wack “Wildstyle” anytime.
3 – Style vs Technique, Style always wins.

These concepts aren’t new, but it seems that most writers have forgotten.
It’s okay, that Bboy is laughing for a reason, I’m here to remind them.

The dash flickr after the jump

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