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The old-timer Crime from the TDC crew has his own Streetfiles account. Crime post really dope old stuff but also a few 2012 pieces. He comments and describes every pictures in details and tell us about the old berlin scene. With the few words I know in german I’ve try to translate some infos about the pieces.

GSC by Bice & Slike by Crime

Same place than the pictures above. Crime paint over his Slike piece. First Berlin piece on the wall was done in 1985. The 10km walls was painted until his fall in 1989.

Escape by Crime Deza and Crazy Colour. I read on Poet blog that this piece was painted in the French sector from west Berlin (that could explain the french gendarme on the right side.

The first time they write their crew name with graffiti letters (and not only handstyle).

Wall painted at the Märkisches district

1988. Soak (Poet), Deza, Crime.

Joke by Deza (piece for his girlfriend) and Krime

Stalingrad hall of fame – Paris.1987. Crime did the E on the right. Doe piece and caracters by Skki. Crime bought his first name belt at the famous Tikaret shop which was next to the hall of fame.

If you want more check the Crime TDC Streetfile account.


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