CLASSIC LECTRICS – Focus on Kool Func’88

Func’88 painted his first piece in 1988 pushed by the discover of Subway Art, the famous trainwriting book.
From his beginning to 99, he focused on painting wildstyles everywhere with his crew TWMobb, from wastelands to subway lines and halls in Paris. In 99, Func’ was known as Turs74. Along Chaze, Dize, Pro, Soda, and many others he puts Grim Team crew on the map.

By the end of 2000, influenced by Recto advanced futuristic skills, Func’ developped a new style they called Galactic Style. Func’ continued to paint in the Parisian suburbs hall of fames during years and produced some of the best walls that Paris never shown.
In the same time he created the Ultra Boyz with Sozy, Recto, Pro, Jaba and a bunch of other top notch writers.

After more than 25 years serving Graffiti, he’s now more concentrate on illustrations, he’s the art director for HazeWheels, a skateboard company, manage to write for “WeBringJustice’s Blog“, produce the U.B Collectibles and teams up with numerous brands as graphic designer. We could see him occasionaly doing some art-shows aswell…and sometimes new graffiti-pieces popped up from nowhere!

Func’88 is also a Lectrics friend and reps the new edition “Classic Lectrics” t-shirt available HERE.


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