MR JL – freestyle octobre 2015 Read more

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“BREAKIN’ NEWS” this is the underground Read more

Far from the spotlights and all the glamor of the “bboy industry” a small group of bboys still operates under the radar from the 4 corners of the planet.  Preserving the artform and the culture around it they dance in …

Yo! MTV Raps Boombox Read more

Yo! MTV Raps Boombox Berlin Boombox pays tribute to the greatest rap show of all times with the official Yo! MTV Raps Boombox. A mobile speaker for all oldschool heads. This special edition of the Berlin Boombox speaker will be revealed at the …

BBOY CLASSICS – Battle Royal Jam London 1999 Read more

Leacy Brothers Battle Royal jam took place at Stratford Rex, London on an Autumn evening in 1999. Presented by Ken Swift, 7 Gems, the evening was a dime-blend of artists across nations and generations. El Da Sensai (Artifacts) and Mike …

BBOY CLASSICS – Germany in the 90′s or the european style wars Read more

In the 90′s Germany was home of some of the best BBOYS in Europe. The hip hop scene was strong and jams were packed. As the walls and trains were painted by style masters like CAN2, KANE, ODEM or KENT …

BBOY CLASSICS – The Rock Steady Crew Anniversary Read more

Since 1991 the Rock Steady Crew celebrates its anniversary in NYC. It is a community event that honors deceased members of the crew and celebrates hip hop culture both past and present. These anniversary parties unite DJs, b-boys and b-girls, MCs, writers, and …

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For All your late night winter bombing mission , WhatYouWrite bring you a collection of Watch-cap . Stay up and warm ! available here

Ready to Rock : Comic book and 7 inch Record Read more

Let us introduce you to a project straight from the bboy’s world, and made by an ardent activist and a hip hop lover : Bret Downroc Syfert (Ready to Rock, 7$). After spending several months in Rwanda to help orphans in …

BGIRLS Read more

The breakin’ world is known to be full of testosterone. But it wouldn’t be complete without the BGIRLS. They have the flow – the musicality – and the finesse that a lot of guys lack while focusing on power and …

Bronx Sunday : Mr Comet Read more

The immortal Mr Comet got busy on a sunny day in the Bronx . (May 2013)   [youtube][/youtube]  

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