BOOK- Dems UB new limited book coming


New Dems (Ultra Boys, 333) book is planed to be in February and will be printed through Velvet Liga. According to the preview it seems to be a good one. It’s a crowdfunding project. You can participate and get more information by clicking HERE.  We support!

VISION “The Black Book of secrets and Tricks” is a limited to 333 copies edition book. It runs through graffiti and the experiences of Dems333, who discovers himself in this book with the best kept secrets he has from the last 20 years.

VISION is presented in 160 pages in black and white with different quality materials in its paper, divided in 7 chapters, images and ideas, 7 “VISIONS” that the author Dems has wanted to show to us. It will be launched on a unique limited edition of 333 copies that the author will number and sign. Inside we will find a run through graffiti and the experiences that come along with it with a nice bunch of unpublished material. All of this turns this book into a collector’s exclusive piece. We will also be able to enjoy the featuring of: F.Pantone, Sozyone Gonzalez, Rosh333, Kiler, Daniel Muñoz “San”, Aigor, Sawe, KoolFunc´88…


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