Bendito Rage interview

My good friend Rage had an interview on 12oz. A pleasure to read his words and see some burners, particulary this one just below…an UFO to me!

First things first, An Introduction:

What do you write, how long have you been at it, and where are you from?

I write Bendito Rage and I represent my groups Take This/ M1P/MR. I started getting into graffiti in 98, but have taken it more seriously since 2001.

I’m from Vitoria, a small city with a long graffiti history. It’s in the north of Spain, near the border with France.

Alright, Now For the Good Stuff:

The word “Bendito” translates in English to “blessed.” “Blessed Rage,” is there any special significance behind that name? How did you come up with it?

I chose Bendito (Blessed) as a surname based on some moments in my life when I felt that I was kind of “protected” or blessed by something or someone up there. When I was a child I was always doing dangerous things such as jumping from high places like a monkey, or other craziness, and my mom always said that I had a guardian angel beside me that took care of me. Also three years ago I had a big scare while driving and I emerged uninjured from that, so I decided to start writing Bendito before my name Rage.

Another reason for the Bendito is it is like a sign of difference between the other many Rages that will be all over the world.  Also, since 8 or 9 years ago I have always written the R of Rage reversed as a little sign of difference. If you see a Rage with the R looking forward that’s not me.

You mentioned that Vitoria has a long history of graffiti, can you expand on that a little bit? what sets Vitoria apart from other cities in Spain or around the world?

Luckily, in Vitoria the first tags and graffiti productions appeared in the middle to late 80’s, which was really early for such a small town. In those years you could only find the first graffiti popping up in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante or Sevilla.

Even nowadays in many small cities in Spain graffiti writing remains unknown. This early development of graffiti may be due to the B-Boy scene of Vitoria which also appeared very very early in comparison to other places.

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