BBoys battle against cancer charity event.

My friend Hanifa from the Uk ,is working on a bboys battle against cancer charity event.


here is the details :


After witnessing just how complicated Cancer can be, and watching how it can devastate so many lives (including the lives of people very close to me), I really wanted to do something to make a difference. I am organising a 3 day hip hop event in Wolverhampton from 25th-27th July to raise money for some of the wonderful cancer charities whose work means that one day all Cancers will be cured.

I have also created the event to inspire young people to become a positive part of the hip hop movement through dance, art and music – and to use their skills to contribute to valued causes such as that of the charities.

The event will be completely free for everyone to attend (I want to get as many people as possible to come down and be a part of this!) but as you know it can be so difficult to get funding or sponsorship to make these events the best they can be. I can only cover so many costs myself, and in order to keep the event free and cover expenses for 3 days, I need to raise some more funds!

I have set up a campaign page on to ask my family and friends if they can support me in making this event possible. I am asking everyone if they can make a small online contribution of £5 to my campaign and “invest” in my event.  If everyone I have asked does make a contribution, it means I’ll have enough to make the BBBAC project the best it can be, and raise thousands more pounds for valuable cancer charities!

By making a contribution you are also endorsing my event, showing other people (that may not know me personally) that I have a valid campaign, and motivating people to get behind the BBBAC cause (all supporters are hugely appreciated). You can make an “anonymous” contribution (where only I will be able to see where the funds have come from) or you can make a public donation that everyone can see (and leave me a comment on the campaign page if you wish!).

Here’s the link to my campaign page:

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