Auri Sacra Fames magazine – Review

Few weeks ago I received this new magazine from Berlin called Auri Sacra Fames (means “damn hunger for gold” in Latin) wich is a very different magazine from what the german capital usually bring out. The magazine show good taken high definition pictures on a very clean lay out. The magazine is organised and show all graffiti aspect from tags to trains, legal and illegal walls. The selection of pictures is also really impressiv: Acid, Try, Serch, Angry, Rocco, Nakz, Skim, Poet, More, Roy and may more. It also include writers pieces we are not used to see on magazines ( means that if you digg everyday streetfiles there is still many pictures you’ve not seen in the magazine ). The Drow special pages looks little bit boring to me but the 5 dedicated pages on Coke are just dope (just a question of taste….) . It’s not one more magazine about Berlin …After the new Overkill, Auri Sacra Fames is a damn good surprise for those of us that have interest on the Berlin scene. 2013 is definitely a good year for qualitativ magazines. Auri Sacra Fames is supposed to come out on a regulary bases. I can’t already wait for the second issue…

The magazine is available at Yard 5 and I can imagine in most of the Berlin shops.

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