2Shy interview

Just read this interesting and funny interview of the writer 2SHY. Read the complete interview here.

 How come did you choose this tag and when did you start to writing it?

Hi! ?2Shy is the title of an episode of the 3rd season of the xfiles series..?It’s the name of the serial killer who stalks girls on the internet.?I liked the combination of a number and letters .. Four letter sounded perfect to me!?I have changed names at least 5 times since 1992 and i think i started 2Shy circa 2007 but I’m not sure.

You are one the coolest graphic artists now according to the GBB staff, and your lettering and composition are truly amazing, Can you tell us when you started to apply your graffiti skills to illustrations ?

I think it came instinctively.. I dont always measure what may get out of my pen…?I use the things that surround me for both graffiti and illustrations .. sets of colors that fit well together, effects, punchlines, etc..?In my point of view, both graffiti and illustration are linked .. But its kind of obvious, dont you think?

What are your best mates in this world?

€ $ £ ¥… have you heard of them?

Can you tell us what’s cracking it this period within the art and graffiti world

I prefer safe values like HONET, EGS, NUG, PUM, FUZI and RAP, POCH, SMOLE, VINO and BLUE, REAS, PETRO, SEB, FUNC88, FINSTA, TEACH, NEMA, CESAR .. Plenty of them make pieces of art and thus they succeed in distinguishing themselves from others.. As for the youngest : SPIT, SAWE, ISER, AKBAR, PANT…

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