Lectrics start in Summer 2007 as a clothing brand specialised in limited editions. Made by writers, we are trying to inovate and bring new flavor in the clothing universe.

We bring out our first collection with models from three of the most influancial wirters in Europe: JayOne (BBC), Poet (GFA) and Serch (NES). And continue in 2008 with the summer collection “The modern history” featuring new models from More (Adult Entertainment), Sonick (PNC) and Diksa (Grim Team).

But we are also a website that show you info, flix, interview and videos about all the great writer in Europe and in the World. We don’t like to linked all info about graffiti but only the stuff we like and approve.

We hope you enjoy this new step in the Lectrics world…


The Lectrics Team.

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The team is composed of:
Izzy Wobster: CEO, Whatyouwrite: news/Twitter manager, A76: news/advertising/photography, Sauciflar: news, Supadope: news/photography