VIDEO- Sonick Read more

Santo filmed Sonick tagging the city of Paris. Always nice to see his tagging process.

Nick – Berlin Read more

One of the most influencial writer from Berlin, Nick  from 1and1 and Criterz crew have now is own Instagram account. A must see for those of you that like top style from the German captial. Link is HERE


As we told you some days ago ( HERE), our friend and Lectrics contributor Skew aka Freddy Mack pass away. Since, tones of writers from Paris, New-York, San Fransisco, Lyon and many other places painted memorial pieces for him. As …

INTERVIEW- Marc-Aurel Vecchione Read more

Liberation recently interviewed the writer and film Producer Marc Aurèle Vecchione. They ask him about his recent film he produced “STAR” about a graffiti writer in the city of Paris (very relevant and authentic film). Marc-Aurel also speak about the …


Olivier Gal publish the book “Truskool, Une histoire du graffiti à Toulouse” (Truskool, a graffiti story in Toulouse) which is a recap of the old Toulouse graffiti story and the famous Truskool crew. The webzine Street Press shortly présents that …

LINES 31 – OMSK167 Read more

LINES ia a POV Videoseries by graffiti artist OMSK167 shot with a headmounted Action Camera (Sony HDR-AS50). here is 31th part of a long serie started in 2010.

BOOK – CARTEL 29 Read more

Our friends from the Cartel 29 have started a KissKissBangBang project for the print of their book. According to the preview and some feedback we have, the book seems to be really good. More than 15 years of the crew …

WALL -ZEUS WB Read more

The guy from Naples produce a new burner on his hom town. Great colors as always. That “S” is definitely a dope one. Congrats!

Rest in Peace Freddy Read more

My man Skew also known as Freddy Mack pass away last friday. He was and still one of the coolest writer of Paris I ever met. I learn to know him around 2003 at the time I live in the …

VIDEO – POES _ La gâche Read more

The concept of La Gâche consists of giving a place for artists expression on a wall located in Lyon. Every month a new writers, tatoo artist or whatever in the art mouvement have the opportunity to paint the wall. Poes …

VIDEO – 24 Hours in – Naples feat. Trus, Kold, Rism and Soten Read more

The writers Trus, Kold, Rism and Soten were in Naples. They painted some cars and go back home! Here is the recap of there 24 hours in the italian city.

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